01Nov, 20

The impact of COVID-19 on the UAE Meat Market

The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant disruption in the food and beverage industry.  Additionally, there have been changes in the way in which the majority of UAE consumers shop for meat, poultry and seafood.   According to several studies, the meat and poultry market in the UAE will register steady growth throughout 2020.   This can be contributed to several factors including the relative affluence and higher purchasing power of UAE residents, and the return of tourists to the UAE.  The UAE is a key tourist destination, attracting over 10 million tourists per …

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01Oct, 20

Top 10 trends shaping the food industry in Dubai

From concept cooking to gastronomic and fusion restaurants in Dubai, food trends are the indicators and drivers that shape up the success or setbacks of the food industry.  Over the past decade, Dubai has seen an influx of tourists and investors and a consistent expansion in the quantity of great local ideas spring up around the city. Which has led to various food cultures being exposed; and opening of innumerable restaurants, presenting world class concepts created by celebrity chefs.  The economical wave: Echoing global trends for independent, more modest ideas that don’t compr …

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