Supermarkets and online have seen growth while restaurants struggle

The pandemic has changed the way in which global business operates. Here in the UAE, it has driven our business, Elfab Co L.L.C. to refine our business model, further build on our strengths and be increasingly nimble and flexible. We’ve pivoted, survived, adjusted…

Elfab is a strong industry player for the last 40 years in the UAE. It was during Covid-19 only that we experienced a major shift in consumer behaviour. We identified the core sectors of our business from suppliers to restaurants & hotel which were impacted and worked on our strategies to keep our relations strong with our existing partners along with identifying new sectors for future growth.

Here’s a summary of different sectors revolved around the meat industry and how they have been impacted by Covid:

SUPPLIERS – impacts how Elfab gets the products to the UAE; how we worked to solution

On the supplier side, we have seen tremendous disruptions to supply chains in various countries. This includes plant shutdowns, movement restrictions by governments, rising costs which translate into higher prices, delayed production and fewer workers on the job. Communication and trust between us and our suppliers, with whom we have long-standing relationship, has helped us get through this rough patch in 2020.

However, we believe that disruptions will continue for a while, and we will continue to do our best to have our wide range of products in stock. We are constantly checking with our suppliers about their individual situations, how their transportation systems are operating (land, sea and air), and what the current state of government restrictions are.

RETAIL – growth of channel; different needs; lots of competition/small startups or established companies expanding their presence.

Like many other businesses, the meat industry has seen a tremendous increase in our online shopping channel.

We expect this to continue and we are here to meet the growing demand. We are in constant communication with our suppliers to keep meeting and exceeding the expectations of this set of customers. For example, retail customers look for smaller portions of products compared to hotels and restaurants, or they could have a need for a completely different type of product.

There has also been a lot of startups and new players in this space since the pandemic began. Over the long run, the strongest will survive. We continue to operate with our strict levels of hygiene and food safety. Our prices are sharp and we always get our product to our customer on time.

HOTEL & RESTAURANTS – hit badly; need people travelling again to increase business.

We understand how our long-standing hotel and restaurant partners have been impacted. We have stood by them in this difficult time and have worked with them to offer the best possible prices. We are here to support them when business starts to recover.

SUPERMARKETS – significant growth; we continue our presence/meet their needs

This channel has experienced significant growth since the majority of the population has stayed home and has increased the amount of meal preparation at home. The meat industry has now identified a huge growth potential via long-standing partnerships with supermarkets.

We at Elfab have made sure that our supermarket partners have the products they need on their shelves.

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