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The coronavirus pandemic has caused significant disruption in the food and beverage industry.  Additionally, there have been changes in the way in which the majority of UAE consumers shop for meat, poultry and seafood.  

According to several studies, the meat and poultry market in the UAE will register steady growth throughout 2020.   This can be contributed to several factors including the relative affluence and higher purchasing power of UAE residents, and the return of tourists to the UAE.  The UAE is a key tourist destination, attracting over 10 million tourists per year.   Government support for all businesses including the food industry while maintaining high quality standards is also driving the UAE meat market.  

Product differentiation and innovation in terms of taste, flavors, and ingredients are to remain the key success factors for market participants in the UAE.  This also results in an ongoing need for high quality meat, poultry and seafood products from across the world.   

The UAE will host the World Expo in 2021, which has required increased infrastructure development with huge investments. Increased demand is expected across various sectors including the food industry.  These factors indicate that the UAE meat market will continue to expand in the near future. 

Consumers tended to purchase their meat, poultry and seafood orders from supermarkets or butchers in person, but have increasingly turned to online distribution channels for their requirements. E-commerce channels for food industry are trending in the country. 

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