From concept cooking to gastronomic and fusion restaurants in Dubai, food trends are the indicators and drivers that shape up the success or setbacks of the food industry. 

Over the past decade, Dubai has seen an influx of tourists and investors and a consistent expansion in the quantity of great local ideas spring up around the city. Which has led to various food cultures being exposed; and opening of innumerable restaurants, presenting world class concepts created by celebrity chefs. 

  1. The economical wave: Echoing global trends for independent, more modest ideas that don’t compromise on quality, this year we envision the further ascent of mid-valued eateries in an easygoing setting.
  2. Sustainable Cooking Styles: We are all increasingly getting aware of the rising hazards of global warming and the importance of sustainable lifestyles. So expect this year to have more and more restaurants take up the concept of zero-waste-cooking.
  3. Fast, convenient and tasty: The 2020 food lover is also time-strapped, defined by a busy, hectic schedule, eating on-the-go, takeaway meals squeezed into their day. 

Elfab Co. is one such company that provides its customers with high quality chilled and frozen meat, frozen poultry and seafood products at their doorstep. Making it convenient for the 9-5 worker to prepare freshly cooked meals with restaurant quality taste. 

  1. Rise of local flavors: There has been an increase in the number of both traditional and modern Middle Eastern and North African restaurants, with regional flavors becoming more of a cuisine of choice in Dubai.
  2. Fish culture: The many health benefits of fish, has led to an increase in the consumption of fish.  Fisheries across the Gulf are supplying restaurants with mouthwatering produce and fish-based innovative recipes. 
  3. Asian food: The region has seen a growing popularity of fast food Asian culture, thanks to the community living in the region. A new wave of Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese cuisines have sparked the interests of many. 
  4. A good steak: Against all the odds, given the veggie climate, people still fancy an occasional steak! ElFab Co. offers a wide range of imported meat, perfect for a juicy steak!
  5. Chef restaurants: With rising fan following, chef restaurants have remained a favorite. UAE has become a hotspot for both local and international chefs, with new faces emerging in the region. 
  6. Doorstep deliveries: Today’s food and beverage landscape is shifting into a new era. Driven forward by advances in technology, all types of groceries and cuisines, from snacks and a cup of coffee to fine dining, can now be brought to your doorstep.
  7. Eating healthy: People are demanding healthier food both at home, as well as when dining out, with an upswing in the number of health-focused food trends and the demand for more suitable and specialized options.
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